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Insider Travel Tips: How to Search for Cheapest Hotel Rates like a Pro

One of the most frequent received question from friends & readers – How to book Hotels at Cheapest Rate?

Accommodation expenses are normally the most or 2nd most expensive cost apart from air ticket. This article we will share insider tips that only frequent travelers know and often used by ourselves to get cheapest hotel rates.
For a start cheapest hotel rates doesn’t only mean the lowest budget price but also for specific chosen hotel. Example how did we managed to book XXX hotel Deluxe Double for only USD100 while others booked USD115 and above?

1. / Agoda / Expedia aren’t always the cheapest website to book Hotels

Most people are used to 1 or 2 specific websites to book their hotels thinking it is the cheapest place to book which is not exactly true.
Hotel booking websites are like supermarket giants Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, Walmart, while they might be cheaper on certain times due to promotions, but not always the case during normal period. In fact, they might be more expensive on certain occasion.

2. How do we know it is the Cheapest Rate?

After your research where to stay and filter down to a handful of hotels, the next step –HotelsCombined
HotelsCombined is the world’s leading hotel price comparison site. It is FREE for everyone and help travelers to compares hotels deals aggregating prices from all major travel and hotel sites.
In short it helps you to compare all prices in one simple website, ensuring travelers the best price possible.

3. Random Example

We will demonstrate a random example : Metropark Hong Kong 1 night 18 Aug to 19 Aug
HotelsCombined Tips 5
You can CLICK HERE to HotelsCombined website and search for your travel destination & travel dates.
b. Search for your hotel intended to book
HotelsCombined Tips
We chose Metropark Hotel Kowloon and from the searches you can see there are many different prices for the same Standard room from Hotels, HotelClub, Expedia & Agoda.
Click on the price and it will automatically lead you to the booking page, as easy as that!
HotelsCombined Tips 2Expedia
HotelsCombined Tips 4Agoda
HotelsCombined Tips 3HotelClub
For the same date & same standard room HotelsClub is offering RM310.83 while Agoda RM341.70 & Expedia at RM342.40.
So why pay more for the exactly same room & dates? By spending 3 minutes to search you save 10% instantly on the hotels rates. For this search it is worth RM30 per day!
Imagine a 7 days stay you save RM180 easily with just a search!

4. Start Comparing Hotel Rates Now!

Never underestimate small amount money, the money we saved by comparing hotel prices, we will channel the savings to fund our next travel.

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