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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our web site and/or using our mobile application. 
This is the Privacy Policy & PDPA Compliance Statement (“Privacy Policy”) of VIVI PRODUCTION (PG0287162-D) (“the Company” or “We” and details of which can be found at the end of this Policy). For the avoidance of doubt, the Privacy Policy includes without limitation the usage of our properties including but not limited to the URL any of our associated mobile application (regardless of its form) (collectively referred to as our Properties”) and your participation in any of our events. The Privacy Policy tells you how we use personal information collected at this site or in relation to any of our Properties.
Please read the Privacy Policy before using our Properties or submitting any personal information. By using our Properties, you are accepting the practices described in the Privacy
Policy, which are incorporated into the General Terms of Use. These practices may be changed, but any changes will be posted and changes will only apply to activities and information going forward, not on a retroactive basis. You are encouraged to review the Privacy Policy whenever you visit the site to make sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.

We are committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of your personally identifiable information to a reasonable extent possible, subject to provisions of the law. Other than as required by laws that guarantee public access to certain types of information, or in response to subpoenas or other legal instruments that authorise disclosure, personally identifiable information is not disclosed without your express consent. For avoidance of doubt, the use of the Properties shall constitute your express consent.

Personal Data Protection Act Statement
The main purposes for which your personal data is collected, used or disclosed by us, its related entities and our service providers in Malaysia include providing you with information relating to our latest news and updates including but not limited to commercial and technology updates, events, promotions and third party tie-ups and partnerships. More specifically, we use your personal data for the following purposes:
1.    Electronic direct mail (either by us or a commercial third party);
2.    Planning and execution of any event marketing campaigns;
3.    Marketing updates on any events organized by us.

The Privacy Policy provides more information about how we collect, use and disclose your personal data. Should you have any feedback or enquiries relating to your personal data or if you wish to stop receiving promotional or marketing messages from us, please contact our
Personal Data Protection Officer at the following addresses:
Name: [Damien]
Email : []
Postal Address: [A-13-5, Tropicana Avenue]
Company details: VIVI Production (PG0287162-D)
For more information about PDPA generally, please visit the Personal Data Protection

Information Collection and Use
Categories of personally identifiable information collected by us include all details submitted through the Properties or at our events. The submission of such information through us shall mean that consent has been given under Sections 13, 14 and/or 15 of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. The secondary purpose is for us to serve you the most relevant advertisements according to your profile and needs.
We and/or our commercial partners may use your personally identifiable information to contact you for the purposes of marketing and customer service support.
All information and documents transmitted via us will be protected and secured in the most reasonable and secure method available. 
Additionally, the Web server hosting this service collects, at least temporarily, the following information: Internet Protocol (IP) address of device being used; Web pages requested; referring Web page; browser used; date and time. This information is collected to monitor the use of us. We may use IP-address and device information and anonymous-browser history to report information about site accesses and for profiling purposes. This information is generally used to improve our application presentation and utilisation. We also may use IP address information for troubleshooting purposes.

Use of Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non PII”)
We may use your Non PII to personalise content and make suggestions for you by using the said information to understand how you use and interact with the Properties and/or the things you’re connected to and interested in on and off the Properties. When we have location information, we use it to tailor our Properties and the content therein for you [ATB to confirm].
We may use your information for communication purposes such as:-
  1. Sending you marketing communications;
  2. Communicating with you about our Properties;
  3. Keeping you informed about our policies and/or terms and any changes therein; and
  4. Responding to you when you contact us
We may use the information we have about you to:-
  1. Improve our advertising and measurement systems;
  2. Show you relevant advertisements on and off the Properties; and
  3. Measure the effectiveness and reach of advertisements and services [ATB to confirm].

Sharing of Non-Personally Identifiable Information
We do not share personally identifiable information such as your name, address and/or contact number with our advertising, measurement or analytic partners (“Our Partners”) without your prior consent. We may share the Non PII we have about you with our third party partners in order to optimize the relevance of the advertisements that are shown to you. We may also provide Our Partners with information about the reach and effectiveness of their advertising without providing information that personally identifies you. When you use the Property or third party apps, websites and/or other services that are integrated with our Properties, Our Partners may receive information about your posts and/or shares and/or searches (without any personally identifiable information) in order for the advertisements to be customised to suit your interests.
We share and/or transfer Non PII to our vendors, service providers and other partners globally who support us such as by providing us technical infrastructure services, analysing how the Properties are used, measuring the effectiveness of advertisements and services, providing customer service, facilitating payments or conducting academic research and surveys (which may be published).

Disclosure of Collected Information
Other than as set out in this policy, we will not disclose or share, without your express consent, personally identifiable information, except for certain explicit circumstances in which disclosure may be required by law. Your personally identifiable information will not be distributed or sold to third-party organisations.

Links to Other Sites or Applications
You may encounter links to other Web sites or applications of organizations not directly affiliated with us. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the information practices of external organisations. We recommend you review the privacy statements of each external Web site or application that collects personal information.

Cookie/Tracking Technology
We may use cookie and tracking technology depending on the features offered. Cookie and tracking technology are useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the Site, and understanding how visitors use us. Cookies can also help customize us for visitors. Personal information cannot be collected via cookies and other tracking technology, however, if you previously provided personally identifiable information, cookies may be tied to such information. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.

Distribution of Information
We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. We may do so when:
  1. permitted or required by law;
  2. trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud or unauthorised transactions; and/or
  3. investigating fraud which has already taken place. The information is not provided to these companies for marketing purposes.
We may transfer your personal information to third parties in locations around the world for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy. Wherever your personal information is transferred, stored or processed by us, we will take reasonable steps to safeguard the privacy of your personal information.

Data Security, Retention etc 
The security, integrity and confidentiality of your information are extremely important to us. We have implemented technical, administrative and physical security measures that are designed to protect guest information from unauthorised access, disclosure, use and modification. From time to time, we review our security procedures to consider appropriate new technology and methods. Please be aware though that, despite our best efforts, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable. We will retain your personal information for the length of time needed to fulfill the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

Changes to Policy
From time to time, we may change the Privacy Policy to accommodate new technologies, industry practices, regulatory requirements or for other purposes. We will provide notice to you if these changes are material and, where required by applicable law, we will obtain your consent.

Contact / Enquiry / Data Amendment
If you have any concerns, issues or questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us via email at [].
If you would like to access your personal data that is retained by us or amend any personal data, please feel free to contact us via email at [].



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