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Penang Implements Comprehensive Ban on Airbnb in 2024!

Penang has decided to completely prohibit the use of condominiums, apartments, and flats as Airbnb accommodations starting from March 1, 2024!

The decision to set the implementation date in 2024 is to provide property owners and managers with sufficient time to make necessary adjustments.

Currently, this directive is only applicable to Penang Island and does not extend to the entire state of Penang. Violators will face heavy penalties!

Reports indicate that property owners have been repeatedly reminded to adhere to regulations regarding safety, public health, social order, and public decorum. However, authorities continue to receive complaints about inappropriate behavior by tourists in residential areas. 

Additionally, in order to revive the hotel industry, which has been impacted by the recent pandemic, the Penang government made this decision after careful consideration.

Penang Island's Mayor, Datuk Yew Tung Seang, stated in a declaration on May 30th that all types of housing, whether landed or stratified, are not allowed to be operated as short-term rentals. However, service apartments and home offices are subject to partial restrictions and are still permitted for short-term rentals.

Penang State Tourism Director, Yeoh Soon Hin, emphasized that short-term rental services should not stifle the development of the traditional hotel industry.

This decision has garnered approval from many netizens, while others have voiced their opinions online, asking, "When will this be implemented here?"

What do you think, is this ban beneficial or detrimental to Penang? Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!